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    Babysitting at Home
    INR  9000
    INR 10000 (Save 10%)
    Not Available | Free Shipping
    Taking care of a baby is not a work; instead, it is the love, care and devotion We are always concerned for our children and would always like to give the best that is available, for them. There is nothing more important than them. And sometimes, we get too busy with our work schedule that we might not get enough time to be with them and do what is needed. During certain period of your child’s growth it’s important that they get the right care and support. We sometimes feel the necessity of a person who can help us with our child’s needs.
    Premature Baby Care
    INR  12000
    INR 13500 (Save 11%)
    Not Available | Free Shipping
    Prenu Services have staffs with several years of experience in baby care. All babies need special care in their day to day routine. There must be a special care taken to keep them clean and hygienic. Baby’s nappies have to be changed too often in order to keep them clean. Otherwise, there is a possibility of developing rashes on their skin. To express their needs, the only language they know is crying. They don’t know any other way to express their needs, and as a parent it’s very important to understand why your baby is crying and what they need. It takes time and experience to understand what your baby needs and until then if you have assistance of someone who already have an experience of taking care of babies would be great. Since it is for our child we can’t give this duty to just anyone. There must be a special person to take care.
    New Born Baby Care and Mother Care
    INR  17500
    INR 18500 (Save 5%)
    Not Available | Free Shipping
    We would really love to give you our experienced staffs for the right assistance and care. The stage which is known as the postpartum period comes after the baby is born.During this stage a large amount of emotional and physical changes occur in Mother. This stage requires lots and lots of care to be given to the mother and the baby. The mother requires care and help, in order to regain her strength and come back to her normal state. She and the baby must have proper rest and a regular proper diet for coming back to normal healthy state. The Mother should never hesitate or feel shy in accepting or asking help, wherever needed. She should proceed with caution in doing her daily activities. Sometimes it’s too difficult for the mother to manage the baby as well as the family together and she may need someone’s assistance to take care of the situation in a proper manner. It’s always good to have an experienced person who has a proper knowledge of what has to be done in such situations.